Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mount Shindake Volcano Eruption was caused by the World's Dams

Mount Shindake violently erupted spewing ash 9 km into the sky at 00:57 UTC on 29 May 2015 when a deep focus earthquake occurred in the Izu Island Region of Japan. Both were simultaneously caused by the world's dams.


The USGS Map shows the Mt Shendake volcano location and the Izu Islands quake location:

See the locations of the Kuchinoerabu Island where the Mount Shindake volcano erupted and of Izu Islands where the deep focus earthquake occurred below. The white and blue location markers indicate the location
of the deep focus quake in the Izu Island Region.

Some idea of the surges generated by the dams at the two sites may be got from Table SHINDAKE below:

We note how the world’s dams created surges equivalent to that of a great earthquake(8.2 MM) at the two sites and resulted in a downward force with a 1 sec power of 147000 terawatts(the total electrical capacity of the world is 6 terawatts order) with a possible pressure build up resulting in the sudden throwing up of the ash 9 km into the sky!

Simultaneously we see a deep focus earthquake occurring at Izu Islands in the Japan Region(29 May 2015 0057 hrs UTC).
Thus we see undeniable connection to the fury of the world’s dams as they change their dam contents. The sum total of the dam content changes occurring simultaneously render the dynamic disequilibrium phenomenon to reach energy releases of a great earthquake: Modern Civilization in action destroying itself with earth reactions which are a response to the applied dam surges.

The cause effect relation is dramatically shown by the reactions of the earth in the form of earthquakes as can be seen from an analysis of the data for the past 41 hydrological years 1973 to 2013:
Draw a circle of 100 km radius around Mount Shindake and get earthquake data for these 41 years. Similarly get data for the worldwide earthquakes during the same period. See how they dance synchronously with each other in response to the dam content changes summed up for the world:

The correlations with the annual world dam capacities of the annual number of earthquakes are remarkably consistent for any disaster area including Mount Shindake(Ref):


R. Ashok Kumar. 2015. The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change



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