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The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change

By Ramaswami Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E,Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.
Copyright © 2018 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

Note: Section 8 is the latest addition to this article explaining how dams cause hurricanes and wildfires. Please read it critically and comment!

Modern Civilization's most evil geo-engineered conTRAPtion: surface water storage for meeting greeds; Dams:
The earthquake causation by the world’s dams is examined on the basis of scientific principles as given below:

“The classical exposition of the scientific, or inductive method (originally due to William of Occam) is what is now called Mill’s Canons, the two most important of which are:
The Canon of Agreement, which states that whatever there is in common between the antecedent conditions of a phenomenon can be supposed to be the cause, or related to the cause, of the phenomenon.
The Canon of Difference, which states that the difference in the conditions under which an effect occurs and those under which it does not must be the cause or related to the cause of that effect.
In addition, the method relies upon the Principle of Accumulation, which states that scientific knowledge grows additively by the discovery of independent laws, and the Principle of Instance Confirmation, that the degree of belief in the truth of a law is proportional to the number of favourable instances of the law.
Finally, to the methods of inductive reasoning we should add considerations of plausibility of mechanism.”- Quoted from ECRR 2010

Application to Dams and Earthquakes
1. The Dam Era: The total yearly capacity of the dams of the world from 1900 to 2014 correlate significantly with the number of earthquakes during the period in the whole world as well as its parts, such as Iceland, Peurto Rico, India, USA, Bhutan, The Air Asia plane crash area, the Air France 447 crash area, Japan, Mithi Virdi Region in Gujarat, the Tarapur Region in Maharashtra or any other sub region of the world selected. The correlation is not only this one earthquake parameter, but also the location as given by its latitude and longitude, its depth and its seismic moment. This satisfies the Canon of Agreement: Dams are the common antecedent condition to this phenomenon. This subsumes the condition of instance confirmation. The independent law that dams are causing earthquakes and other phenomena also follows from this study.
2. The Predam Era –2150 to 1899: The number of earthquakes in the world and the subregions is  only 1 to 2 % of the corresponding number of earthquakes in the dam era. This satisfies the Canon of Difference: The antecedent to the phenomenon is nature and not the enormous number of dams in the Dam Era. Plates, if the Plate Theory is to be believed, cause therefore only 1 to 2 % of the earthquakes in the dam era and thus there is much more to earthquake causation in the dam era than plates. They are the world’s dams.
3. The sum of all dam contents of the world at the center of gravity of these dams exerts a huge water moment at various points in and on the earth. The changes in the instantaneous water pressure head at the center of gravity due to changes in dam contents cause huge surges of force and water moment all round the center of gravity of the water masses behind the dams and the dynamics of these surges brought about by rains and water demands cause many effects which appear as earthquakes, extremes of rain, cloud bursts, thunderstorms, flash floods, landslides and destruction of man-made infrastructures like power stations, roads, cities, villages, bridges and other vital installations and the crashes of airplanes. These cumulative, simultaneous, instantaneous effects caused by such power surges of lakhs to millions of terawatts have not been taken into account in the specialist society called modern civilization. This has become glaringly evident in the major earthquake at Lumjung, Nepal on 25 April 2015 and the concomitant attack by the dams on Mt Everest which caused avalanches destroying the Everest Base camp and killing mountaineers and Sherpas.
4. A fascinating study on the plausibility and proof of the way in which the world’s dams cause worldwide earthquakes is the research paper entitled Earthquake Caused by Dams at the link:
4.1 Dams determine rupture durations:

5. Re:  
one cannot overemphasise the falsehood of speculative deductions regarding quakes caused by plates:
6. The worst disaster in the world's highest peak- Mt Everest was not caused by nature as claimed by deductive logic of the speculative tectonics of modern civilization(mc) but by dams as unequivocally proved by inductive whole earth based interpretation of earthquake and dam data. Meeting water needs by the dams of the world- a design of mc with a glaring lacuna ignores the instantaneous simultaneous dynamic surges caused by all the dams taken together acting on mc and destroying it in the process. This brought to bear on the 8.9 km high Himalayan mountain a water pressure head at the centre of gravity of the world's reservoirs of at least 77 million kilometers! See Table DSN25APR2015: Great Earthquake Equivalent Magnitude Surge. The World's dams of mc are causing the complete self destruction of mc. Where is the hard data on plate crashes and corresponding earthquakes? 
Here is the hard data regarding the Lumjung, Nepal earthquake:
The Lumjung 7.8 MM earthquake data
The correlation of the annual mean number of earthquakes 200 km around the Location of the Lumjung quake with a) Annual Dam Capacity World is 0.867, df 39, p 2.22E -13; b) Cumulative Sum of Annual Dam Content Changes of the World is 0.861,df 39, p 5.25E-13. The corresponding figures for the World's Quakes are 0.962,df 39, p 1.13E-23 and 0.949,df 39, p 3.28E-21 respectively.

Data regarding the power of the World's dam content changes which brought out the Lumjung Quake

The Sinking of Lamjung, Nepal on 25 April 2015

The latest data on earthquakes available till 25th April 2015 and beyond enables us to calculate by how much the epicenter of the Lamjung, Nepal earthquake sank.

The earthquake data:

The phenomenon of dams acts in any  hydrological year June to May in two ways in building up and releasing stresses in the earth. In the monsoon June to September, the dams build up the water contents in 4 months as water is transferred from the oceans and seas to the land and at the end of the monsoon on 1 October the dams are full and the pressure exerted at the center of gravity of the dams of the world is a maximum. During the dry season October to May waters are withdrawn from the dams for meeting various demands. Thus the stresses in the earth which were built up during the wet season are released gradually till the dams are empty at the end of the dry season by end of 31 May. 
During this process dam contents change and the sum total of these changes at any given time appears as a water head pressure change at the center of gravity. The cause surges of forces and bending moment all round the center of gravity and result in earthquakes, landslides, cyclones, flash floods by direct heating of the earth by the dam forces.
Therefore we consider the earthquakes caused by the dams separately for the monsoon and the dry seasons and interpret the results.

See Table LUMJUNG below:
There has been an error in Table Lumjung and therefore it is been replaced by the following Figure and Table:

Once again applying the precautionary principle, from data from the above Table, it is derived that during the 7.8 MM major  Lamjung Earthquake, Kedar Dome could easily have sunk at the rate of 5500 m/d at an acceleration of a million m/d/d.

See the following Table GAUATWDS for vertical ground accelerations and other dramatic effects caused by the surges of the World's dams at catastrophic earthquake focal points in the new millennium and associated risk locations:

If you study this event in an all embracing perspective as would be with one who has despecialised one's vision, you may apply the precautionary principle and stop modern civilization: in a practical way so that security of life is brought to an acceptable level of risk from the terrible self destruction by modern civilization( See Ref 4a). My measurements using earthquake data suggest that the phenomenon being observed is due to the extremes of surges applied by the World's dams from one instant to the next. There was wild swing in the level of Ukhrul in Manipur during the Lamjung earthquake in Nepal on April 25, 2015: The level dropped by 5.62 cm in 8 minutes at the rate of -10.31 m/d at an acceleration of -1900 m/d/d, the negative sign standing for sinking. This was during the dry season. But in the monsoon 2015 when the world dam levels were going up, the sinking was even more severe with a crater being observed and smoke and ash coming out. My measurements show that the swing in level was during the 6.4 MM magnitude earthquake on July 3, 2015 which occurred at Southern Xinjiang: the level at Ukhrul registered a drop of 28 cm in 23 to 24 secs at a rate of change of -1036 m/d at an acceleration of 3.82 million meters/day/day! The world's dams during the monsoon are rapidly increasing in content and pushing up ashes and smoke from down under as the pathala(the underworld!) was rapidly reached. The designs of modern civilization are of unacceptable security for life and must be abandoned. Mahatma Gandhi said of this civilization in 1908: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself. Wake up citizens and decide to come together and act in harmony with nature.

The appeal by citizens:

The Trojan Horse of self destructive useless modern civilization(mc) has penetrated every nook and corner of the world to create extinction. Read and spread knowledge regarding the evil nature of the glaring lacuna of dams in meeting the water needs of mc. See Keerti Ramachandra. 2014. A Dirge for the Dammed, the noble and true english translation of the Marathi true story Jhadajhadti by Vishwas Patil(1992)(Reference 6).
If all 1215 ha is assumed under forests,1215 ha of forests is 1215x10^4 square meters at 100 kg per square meter dry biomass density which is 1215000 cubic meters of water per day not transpired or groundwaters lost of 443475000 cubic meters per year! The facts about the dam:
Mapithel Dam will have a gross storage capacity of 176.38 Million Cubic
Meters.The dam is Homogeneous Earth Filled and has a
length of 1074 meters and is 66 meter high!
Thus 4434.75 million cubic meters(MCM) of groundwaters recharging lost for 176.38 MCM by Mapithel! If we take 595 ha of forests, the groundwater charging lost is 217175000 cubic meters or 217.175 MCM lost against 176.38 MCM provided by Mapithel stupidity with permanent forest cover lost!
And this dam will contribute to the extinction consequences of the World's dams.

Reforest Mother Earth to Live!

What a terrific suicidal picture modern civilization is!

it is instructive to the deductive logic on plates and my discussion:
The measurements were made four  days after the quake in Nepal. And 80 cm above the previous measurement--- when was this measurement made before the quake? Now with the phenomenon of the dynamic disequilibrium of dams with time constants of seconds. from instant to instant as the world's water demands change, the facts are radically different from the predam era logic of plates. For example at the end of the monsoon on 1 October 2014, the Himalayas are held at the highest elevation. And as the world's water needs drawdown the waters, the elevation of the hold is reduced on the points on the earth round the centre of gravity of the world's water masses behind dams . Just before the 7.8 MM magnitude earthquake occurred if the level was x, after the quake the level reduced- sank by an estimated 32 to 33 m. See The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change/Ramaswami Ashok Kumar. But the hydrological year 2014-15 ends by 31 May 2015 when the reservoirs of the world would be at their lowest contents because then the China India dams would be practically empty. So by 7 May 2015 the Valley would still be at a level higher than the lowest level by 31 May 2015! Perhaps by 80 cm?
See my measurements in Table NEPALLUMJUNG and the graphical representation of the rise in level of Lumjung during the hydrological year 2014-06-01 to 2015-05-31 in Figure1Ch1. This shows that  the level of Lumjung rose by 177 m by 2014-09-30 with respect to the level on 2014-06-01, fell to 61 m on 2014-12-26, rose to about 70 m just before the 7.8 MM major quake and remained more or less at that level during the quake and  fell to 56 m on 2015-05-31 compared to its level on 2014-06-01. 
At the other end of the world, the Boone Dam in TVA has a sinkhole 726 m deep estimated! See 
The Boone Dam Sinkhole after the Panama Canal Quake of 29 October 2014./Ramaswami Ashok Kumar.
 And part of the dam has caved in at the base. Thats in April 2015. See

Top Official: “Sinkhole has sunk further… we have water coming through dam” upstream of nuclear plants; “Now agency’s top priority”; “Continued flow…could destabilize dam” — Section caved in at base — Gov’t not disclosing inundation maps over security concerns; Private meeting with facility in path (VIDEO)The Boone Dam  sinkhole upstream of nuclear power plants and the Nepal quake both were caused by the World's dams.

See the synchronous dances of the quakes 200 km around Lumjung Earthquake location, the quakes 650 km around Chernobyl core melt location,  and the worldwide earthquakes in response to the mean world dam content changes for 41 hydrological years from 1973 to 2013:


See  the study for the period 19730601 to 20140531  conducted for the Chernobyl Region and the World at:
6.1 Contrast this basic epidemiological evidence presented here with  Modern civilization's faulted explanations for the Wenchuan May 2008 damquake: Ref 4 in Ref 4a: 
For an analysis of the world's dams causing this earthquake see Reference 4b below.

7. Worldwide Rainfall is being controlled rigidly by the World's Dams. What rigid Climate Change!

The daily dam content changes in the world are controlling world rainfall. As an example the June to September 2016  All India daily rainfall as a function of the daily cumulative seismic moment sum of worldwide earthquakes(2 MM and over moment magnitude) and the corresponding worldwide dam content changes causing these quakes are correlated significantly( linear and 6-degree polynomial fit non linear).  More than 70 percent of the All India daily rainfall variations are explained by these dam content changes on a daily basis! Request the author via comment space here with your e mail ID and get the details as on 18th July 2016. 

8. World dam content changes are causing hurricanes and wildfires.

See how the common antecedent to hurricanes and wildfires is the total worldwide dam content change at


9. Thus modern civilization is destroying itself. This truth of interconnectedness of the separate and the positive feedback of self-destruction is missed completely because modern civilization’s designs are based on the falsehood of separate non-interactive existence of man-made infrastructure. This ageless timeless authorless teaching of truth is basic to a normal civilization, the principle of perfect design: Transcending all is the Unknowable. This takes care of the glaring lacuna in the designs of modern civilization: The truth of interactions. Further as modern civilization witnesses more and more instances, more and more people in the framework of modern civilization breakaway from such a specialist society and discover the laws governed by the truth.

1. Earthquake data from USGS Website
2. Significant Earthquake Data Base :
National Geophysical Data Center / World Data Service (NGDC/WDS): Significant Earthquake Database. National Geophysical Data Center, NOAA. doi:10.7289/V5TD9V7K [2015]
3. Data on dams from the Website of the World Commission on Dams: See the link
4. Turcotte et al. 2002. Geodynamics. Second Ed. Cambridge University Press. Chapter 8.
4a. Ramaswami Ashok Kumar. 2014. Worldwide earthquakes are caused by the World’s Dams at
4b. Ramaswami Ashok Kumar.2016. The Wenchuan Earthquake of 7.9 MM on 12 May 2008 was caused by the dams of the world. Link: 
5.  John Michael Fischer .2003-2012.Plate Tectonics: too weak to build mountains
6. Keerti Ramachandra's English translation of Jhadajhadti by Vishwas Patil: A Dirge for the Dammed, hachetteindia(2014), brings out the utter uselessness of modern civilization and its total injustice and self destructive nature:
"It begins with a familiar story of displacement. The people of Jambhli have been ousted from their homes with promises of rehabilitation, and compensation in cash and land, to make way for an irrigation project and the construction of a large dam.
The Jambhlikars' anguish at leaving behind everything they have known and resettling among hostile strangers - the beneficiaries of the dam project - and their desperate search for alternative employment, for which they are neither trained nor qualified, are just the beginning of their troubles. In their search for a place to call their own, they must battle petty local politicians, scheming government officials strengthened by exploitative laws and self-serving social workers, and face the ultimate betrayal at the hands of trusted leaders. Yet, even as the fabric of their social structure disintegrates, their courage, faith and innate goodness shine through in the face of unspeakable hardship.
Heartbreaking, humane and utterly relevant to our time, this remarkable Sahitya Akademi Award-winning novel stands apart in giving a voice to those who pay the price for progress and development, and in vividly encapsulating the struggles of the impoverished against a ruthlessly corporatized world."

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Sad that modern civilization's supporters have no answer to this.

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The flawed theories of climate change and indeed modern civilization(MC) itself pave a barren path to extinction. One has to go to a higher level- a normal civilization- where nature is the bottom line. The beauty of life is negentropy! Order is created by new life and a karma that causes the genesis and support of beings.MC by explaining away climate change as a natural phenomenon,is merrily destroying itself with people fleeing like rats in the west due to blazing fires(California,British Columbia,Portugal) and fleeing flooding due to catastrophic hurricanes,releasing waters from dams just when they are supposed to hold them away from habitats! Climate change theories are neglecting the effects of dams which are the cause of climate change! See DuckDuckGo for The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change/Ramaswami Ashok Kumar.Om!

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The common antecedent to all these failures is World dam dynamics. See Predicting Earthquakes: The science of dams causing earthquakes and climate change

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